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Craig BrownCraig BrownApril 29th, 2018

Update: Release Notes - Beamery 4.0: New Integrations

With Beamery 4.0, we continue to expand our ecosystem by welcoming Jobvite as the latest ATS to have two-directional integration with Beamery, joining our growing list of bi-directional ATS integrations which also includes Greenhouse, Jazz and Workday.

We have also added a number of new sourcing tool partners, including HireTual and ContextScout. 

If you would like to enquire about Beamery integrations, please contact your account manager or our support team at You can also request a new Beamery integration here.


Beamery can now integrate directly with Jobvite allowing for a seamless two-way link between both platforms. Recruiters use Jobvite as the main tool for managing applications and the primary source of truth for all vacancies. Vacancy data is automatically pushed to Beamery and candidate applications are synced across both platforms.

The integration leverages Beamery's data enrichment capabilities with new information automatically enhancing the candidate profile information. With this integration, sourcers and marketers using Beamery can streamline their workflows to push contacts into an interview and hiring process in Jobvite, after communicating with them through Beamery. All relevant data changes are mapped across to both platforms.

COMING SOON: A deep integration with SmartRecruiters ATS

Sultan SaidovSultan SaidovOctober 18th, 2017

Update: Release Notes - October 18th, 2017

We are very excited with this new release that fixes a few bugs, enhances our Forms capabilities, significantly enhance what you can automate in the candidate journey, and expands our ecosystem by integrating with another ATS.

Improvements to Pages and Forms

Linking Questions to Custom Fields

Beamery Forms are a powerful tool to capture all the information you need about a candidate. While this information was very useful for automatically processing candidates based on their answer, it was difficult to manage candidates based on these answers.
With this release, we can now link those questions -and their answers- to custom fields. This will allow users to display those columns in the contact lists, and filter on candidate answers.

Use Google as Social Sign-up

Signing-up on a Beamery Form has always been an easy process, by allowing candidates to log in with their social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub).

With this release, we are making this process accessible to an even broader audience, by adding the ability to sign-up using the candidate's Google account.


Increased Automation

In this release, you are now able to automate more than before, and in more precise ways.

Additional Recipe Triggers

There are now more ways you can now trigger a recipe:

- if a candidate is added to a particular vacancy (or any vacancy)
- if a candidate is added to a particular pool (or any pool)
- if the stage of a candidate changes

These new triggers allow you to automate parts of the journey that remained manual until now.

For more details, you can access the help docs


Additional Recipe Filters

There are now more ways you can filter within vacancies:

- if a candidate belongs to a pool
- if a candidate belongs to a vacancy
- based on some custom fields

These new filters allow to be more sophisticated in the journeys you build for candidates, and create different paths based on relevant candidate characteristics.

For more details, you can access the help docs.

Campaign Setup Improvement

Send Test Email

The ability to send a test email when designing campaigns has been improved. You can now send a test email before having selected a list of candidates.

You can also choose who is the recipient of the test email. This allows better collaboration between departments when you want team members to provide feedback on an email.

Note from Beamery Team:

Your feedback and ideas is extremely important to us and has driven these recent updates - we would love to hear your thoughts on these new features and improvements. If you have any other ideas on features you would like to see improved or implemented, or would like to set up a time to speak with our product team to ask about our upcoming roadmap, please let us know by replying to this message!


Beamery Team

New Features

  • Jazz Integration


  • Send Test Email

  • Sign-up with Google on Beamery Pages

  • Linking Questions to Custom Fields in Beamery Pages

  • New Recipe Triggers

  • New Recipe Filters


  • Send Test Email