Romuald Restout November 24th, 2017

Update: Release Notes - November 22nd, 2017

We're announcing 2 significant improvements with our latest release:

1. Our new extension gives recruiters all the functionality and flexibility of the mini profile right into your browser.
2. You can now create and manage all your custom forms with our easy-to-use form builder

New Chrome Extension

We are excited to announce that in this release our Chrome Extension is as powerful as the mini profile! This will give recruiters the essential tools without moving to the main app.

Our new Chrome Extension provides recruiters with more capabilities than ever before.

With more information readily available, and access to every aspect of the mini profile while sourcing, there's less need to break your workflow and log into the main application.

The new extension is now available to all customers, after being tested with a few of our customers.

The update will be done automatically. Depending on your security settings, you might be prompted by Chrome to update your old extension.

Following are some of the additional features added. A complete description will be available in help documents once the extension is released

Search for existing Contact

Search your database from the chrome extension to see whether you already have a relationship with a candidate. If they do, you'll be able to see all their information without leaving the extension.

Contact Summary

You can now view work history as well as manage vacancy stages in the extension, just like in the mini profile.

Contact - Related

Add quick notes and tasks, and see a summary of the most recent ones from your team.

Contact - Files

No longer do you have to click on the full profile to see existing files like resumes. You can view full list of files that are attached to a candidate profile without leaving the extension.

Resume Parsing

Resumes are now parsed directly and immediately from within the extension. You can 'refresh' data from enrichment and resumes directly into the extension.

Form Builder

Form Builder allows companies to create and manage their own forms. Forms let candidates register interest, join your talent network and receive relevant updates without having to apply.

You can manage your forms in the “Settings” component of Beamery app.

A new menu item is now available in the menu on the left-hand side. Existing forms are shown on the right-hand side of the screen

All details of the form can be managed directly within the form builder:

  • the Form name and URL
  • the title and description of the form
  • add, delete and organise the questions to be asked to candidates
  • questions can be linked to custom fields that appear directly on the contact profile and in the contact lists, and can be filtered on and searched on.

For more details on how to create and manage forms within Beamery, please consult the help pages.

New Features

  • Form Builder


  • Chrome Extension


  • Support for older versions of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel in Contact Profile

  • Exporting to CSV does not export primary phone numbers

  • Enable sorting on custom string fields

  • Editing Custom Dropdown fields produces multiple columns in the grid

  • Summary of talent pipelines states they're used for vacancies; should say used for talent pools

  • Mini Profile not updating with data from parsed cv but can see in Full Profile