Jeet MukerjiJeet MukerjiApril 29th, 2018

Update: Release Notes - Beamery 4.0: Forms Customization Update

This update to Forms allows users to select which fields appear on a form and which fields are 'required'. This means you can collect critical information where necessary (e.g. CVs), and use Forms in a wider range of situations (e.g. to collect candidate emails at graduate events where professional information is not relevant).

The updated Form Builder:

5ade3b3aba6e8_Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 20.59.34.png

You can now control which of the following fields should appear (or be removed) by ticking the box to the left of each field:

  • Location
  • Primary / mobile phone number
  • Website / portfolio
  • Education
  • Professional Experience
  • CV upload
  • GDPR opt-in (if you have Beamery Comply features enabled)

Then set particular fields  as having a 'required' answer from the toggle on the right. By default, phone number and professional experience will be marked as required fields, as per the original Form Builder experience.

The GDPR opt-in is always required if visible on the form. When the GDPR opt-in question is ticked, the location field will also become a required field (so that you can confirm if the candidate is from an EU country and collect this information in the database to later filter, track and manage consent).

A consistent candidate experience:

The candidate experience will remain consistent with the current experience, however some candidates will see fewer fields (depending on the form they complete) whilst some fields will be flagged as required with a ‘*’ symbol. Candidates will not be able to submit the form unless all required fields have been completed. If the candidate attempts to submit the form without filling in a required field, the unfilled field will be flagged as required.

Below is an example showing an attempt to submit a form without filling in all visible fields (name, phone number, email and resume upload fields), and where the phone number is not in the correct format.

5ade3c490c1f9_Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 21.03.29.png