Our Engineering teams have been busy last month! On top of releasing over 20 improvements, we have released new features both in our CRM and Talent Marketing products


  • Export Candidate Profile as PDF: export the candidate's profile as a PDF file for easy sharing with external colleagues
  • New compliance-related automation: two new actions in Recipes: 'Anonymize' and 'Delete'

Talent Marketing

  • Page Block Customization: tailor the layout of pages by moving, removing and cloning blocks
  • Contact Limits for Campaigns and Bulk Actions: limit the number of contacts that can be added to a campaign, or included as part of a bulk action
  • Access to Pages and Forms: Standard users can now create and edit pages, but only admins can publish


  • Greenhouse 2-way anonymization: anonymize contacts in both Beamery and Greenhouse automatically
  • Jobvite improvements

Export Candidate Profile as PDF

We have introduced a new functionality that allows users to create a PDF file from a candidate profile, download it onto their computer, and share it thereafter with external colleagues such as hiring managers.

The functionality is available through the standard action menu on the profile.

New compliance-related automation

We have introduced two new actions in Recipes: 'Anonymize' and 'Delete'. With these actions, Admins and Super Admins can easily automate the maintenance of a clean and compliant database. For example, in conjunction with the new scheduled trigger that checks the database at regular time intervals, enterprise customers can set up a recipe to routinely bulk delete disengaged contacts that they have not heard from for a predefined period of time. Alternatively, to ensure the disengaged contact isn't accidentally added back into the database after being removed (particularly if they have also opted out), customers can choose to automatically Anonymize the contact.

Page Block Customization

Enterprise customers can tailor the layout of pages by moving, removing and cloning blocks. The new options replace the 'Edit' button on the top right of each block.

5b27b4c630e08_Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 14.33.27.png

Now you can:

  • Change the position of the block by selecting the up or down arrows
  • Have multiple versions of the same block by selecting the clone icon (signified by the two squares)
  • Delete additional blocks you don't need by selecting the cross icon, until you have one of each block left
  • Hide and un-hide blocks by selecting the eye icon (which is now grouped here with other block options instead of within the block editor, so it's easier to find. If you're not an Enterprise customer, the Edit button will be replaced by the hide/un-hide button.)

Contact Limits for Campaigns and Bulk Actions

With a great number of contacts in your database comes great responsibility. To prevent accidental messages or updates to contacts en masse, customers can request a limit on the number of contacts that can be added to a campaign, or included as part of a bulk action, at any one time. These limits can be set by your Customer Success Manager. 

If users exceed the number of contacts allowed, we will notify them in app (as shown below) and prevent them from sending the campaign or carrying out the bulk action, until they reduce the number of contacts selected.

Within the filters panel in the campaign editor:

5b27bc9255ab4_Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 15.06.54.png

When attempting to carry out a bulk action from the People grid:

5b27bc9fe7391_Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 15.06.43.png

Standard User Access to Page and Forms

Standard users are now able to create and edit pages and forms. This means Admins can focus on more strategic initiatives as they share the task of setting up pages and forms with other team members. Only Admins and Super Admins will continue to have the ability to publish, ensuring they have the opportunity to review and sign off on content before the page or form goes live. 

Greenhouse 2-way Anonymization

Ability to anonymize contacts in both Beamery and Greenhouse automatically. 

When contacts are anonymized in Beamery, the same contacts are anonymized in Greenhouse. When contacts are anonymized in Greenhouse, contacts are anonymized in Beamery. 


  • Permission to anonymize contacts in Greenhouse
  • Set up Greenhouse Webhook for 'Candidates anonymized' 

 Additional Notes:Beamery blocks anonymized contacts from being re-added, while Greenhouse does not, allowing candidates to re-apply.

Jobvite Improvements

    • Two-way synchromization for Primary Title and Company for Contacts and Candidates
    • Source now being synced for candidates from Jobvite to Beamery
    • Mapping of the Vacancy Owner between Beamery and Jobvite
    • Fixed and issue where contacts were not syncing to Greenhouse when name has special characters

New Features

  • New permissions

  • Campaign bulk action limits

  • Bulk action limits

  • PDF Export

  • Compliance Automation Actions

  • Greenhouse 2-way anonymization


  • Ability to invite super admins on companies enabled via SSO

  • Ordering Social Links now possible

  • New 'No Owner' filter option for vacancies


  • ability to remove a Pipeline from a Pool

  • Assigning a Task to a User is now reflected in the task Card produced

  • If you change the csv import file, the upload button is no longer greyed out

  • Restricted Users can no longer create tasks for other users

  • Users are now warned when trying to Add an Attachment larger than 10MB

  • Location no longer incorrectly appears editable for Restricted Users when it should not be

  • Experience Dates Partial Set now Working