Romuald Restout November 1st, 2017

Update: Release Notes - November 1st, 2017

With this release, we have made 2 changes requested by many users, that greatly improve the usability of Beamery:

1. We have added a new view of the contacts in a pool, broken down based on the status of the candidates.

2. We are now saving the changes each user makes to the columns that are visible in the All Contacts section of the app.

Pool Navigation

You can now see the status of candidates for the talent pool in a similar manner to vacancies.

When opening the contact view of a pool, you will now have a bar displaying at the top showing how many candidates you have in the pool, for each candidate status. By selecting one of the statuses, the contact list will be filtered to display only the candidates with this particular status.

This gives recruiters and sourcers a better understanding of the strength of their talent pools and helps them identify what activities to prioritize.

Re-ordering columns in the "All Contacts" view

The contact fields that are important to an organisation will vary for each organisation, which is why Beamery offers the ability to create custom fields. We also allow users to re-order columns in the "All Contacts" grid to match their requirements.

However, having taken feedback onboard, we recognised that this reordering was cumbersome when there are lots of fields in a grid, and changes were not saved between sessions.

New Functionality

Following our update, users can continue to edit their views. Moving forward though, these changes are saved and re-applied the next time the user logs in.


  • Talent Pool Navigation

  • Column Visibility in All Contacts